Preventing the onset of chronic illnesses is critical to maintain a healthy quality of life, and addressing medical conditions once they are detected can sometimes be very beneficial for a person. Technological advancements have allowed for prevention to be much easier, with many medical tools becoming more accessible for doctors and patients alike.

Ultrasound imaging is one of these procedures that is becoming increasingly important due to its safety and versatility, using sound waves to produce images of structures within the body. These images can provide valuable information for diagnosing and directing treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions, allowing medical teams to address each patient appropriately. It’s a procedure that is minimally invasive for the patient, as well as one that is less expensive compared to a normal surgical procedure.

Ultrasound is used for a variety of reasons, some of which are pertinent and essential to vascular health, which can help analyze potential abnormalities and prevent the onset of dangerous medical problems.

The uses for vascular ultrasound imaging include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluating blood flow
  • Examining circulation in arms and legs
  • Determining location and severity of narrowed arteries
  • Detecting clots in veins
  • Identifying leaky valves or venous insufficiency
  • Evaluating patients after a vascular procedure

Performing a preventive vascular ultrasound scan can be an important decision for improving your health and anticipating chronic illnesses before they affect you. At Soleil Surgical, we have many different types of ultrasound imaging performing a different task to address your needs, such as:

  • Duplex ultrasound: evaluates blood flow through arteries and veins.
  • Venous doppler: examines movement of materials through the body.
  • Arterial doppler: used to estimate the blood flow through blood vessels.
  • Carotid doppler: evaluate blood flow of the carotid arteries.
  • Aortic doppler: evaluates blood through the main artery and how it supplies oxygen.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to keep you in the best health possible. Call us at (407) 343-4983 to schedule an appointment with our medical team, or visit our website to learn more about our services.