Practicing prevention is a good way of taking care of yourself by anticipating and detecting illnesses before they affect us, making it essential to keep your health in the best state possible. In this month of venous disease prevention, it is important for you to know how these conditions can manifest in your body. You are just in time to take action! At Soleil Surgical, we have over 18 years of experience in vascular and podiatric attention. We care about providing the best quality service and using modern technology. Your health comes first.

Venous diseases start developing when the veins in our legs don’t carry the necessary amount of blood to the heart, causing that blood to stay retained. Some factors that influence the development of these diseases are: obesity, genetics, sitting for long periods of time, standing for a long time and lack of exercise. About 15% of the population suffers from varicose veins.

Varicose veins are an example of these diseases, which tend to be considered more of an aesthetic problem than a medical one. They occur more frequently in the legs and resemble a purple and green appearance. However, not taking them into account can present serious long-term complications and strong pains in our body, from thrombosis to venous ulcers.

Here are some ways to prevent venous diseases:

  • Exercise and stay frequently active
  • Controlling blood pressure and chronic conditions
  • Eat healthy foods low in salt and saturated fats
  • Not using tobacco products
  • Managing weight and stress
  • Preventing other vascular-related conditions


Quality of life is essential for prevention. You should try to stay active and find balance between day to day routine. Eating healthy and exercising helps to  prevent overweight and constipation, and at the same time, to avoid conditions that directly affect your vascular system.

Having control over diseases is essential. That is why at Soleil Surgical we provide you with complete and quality care from our medical specialists. Contact us at 407-343-4983 or visit our website to learn more about us or our services.