In a world where every step counts, safeguarding your feet from complications is paramount, especially for those living with diabetes. One of the often-overlooked yet crucial aspects of diabetes care is the management of diabetic foot conditions. These conditions can lead to severe consequences if not addressed promptly, but the good news is that with proper care and preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk.

Diabetic foot conditions encompass a range of problems that affect the feet of individuals with diabetes. High blood sugar levels can lead to nerve damage and reduced blood flow, making the feet vulnerable to infections, ulcers, and even amputations if left untreated.

  • Start with maintaining optimal blood sugar levels through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adhering to your prescribed medications.
  • Paying attention to your feet is crucial. Inspect them daily for any signs of blisters, cuts, redness, or swelling.
  • Keep your feet clean and dry, and always opt for comfortable, well-fitting footwear.
  • Regularly trim your toenails, but do so carefully to avoid cuts.
  • Moisturize your feet to prevent dry skin, but avoid applying lotion between your toes to prevent moisture buildup. Remember that prevention is your shield against the threat of diabetic foot complications.

We know that prevention is no easy feat, but feel at ease, we have one of the best podiatrists in the area, Dr. Kevin Zasada and his extensive academic training, with a degree from the prestigious Dr. William M. College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, followed by a rigorous surgical residency at Larkin Community Hospital, make him an expert in his field. So don’t worry if you have any complications because his commitment to your foot health, especially diabetic foot care, is evident in his patient care, so your feet will be in good hands.

At Soleil Surgical, we are not only there for you when complications arise, we are your partners in proactive diabetes care. We have a first class team, prepared and also speaks Spanish, leading the practice are Dr. Zasada, Podiatrist and Dr. Calderin, Vascular Surgeon. Remember that we are always at your service, contact us if you have any questions (407) 343-4983 or visit our website to learn more about us

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