Meet The Team

Jeannette González

Practice Manager, Registered Medical Assistant, Registered Phlebotomist

Jeannette has been part of our team since the beginning of Soleil Surgical LLC.  She has become an integral part of Soleil Surgical LLC.  Extremely professional and always committed to excellence, she is ever present and always willing to serve.  She is the motor behind the scene.  She has many great attributes, the best being her capacity to tirelessly serve everyone.  She can run any staff position in the office, hence, do not be surprised to find her in a new spot at any one time.  We are forever lucky to have her in our family.


Néstor Sánchez, RCS RVS

Cardiovascular Ultrasound Specialist

Néstor Sánchez is certified by Cardiovascular Credentialing International as a registered cardiac sonographer and registered vascular specialist.  He has more than 20 years of experience in the cardiovascular diagnostic area, and has special training in vascular disease such as varicose veins and treatment.  Native of Puerto Rico, he studied Natural Sciences and graduated with a Bachelors in Science at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.  After, he graduated from Edic College of Health Professions with a degree on Cardiovascular Ultrasound.

His commitment is to serve our community with professionalism and dedication, and to be able to use his knowledge for the health and well being of all our patients.  We are lucky to have him within our ranks.

Laura Bautista

Registered Medical Assistant

Laura J. Bautista was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia.  She moved to Orlando, Florida in 2011 and started her journey in the medical field right here at Soleil Surgical LLC on February of 2015. We are proud to say we’ve managed to hold on to this valuable team member since she was just out of Medical Assistant program from Florida Technical College.  Laura is extremely passionate about the medical field and loves taking an active role in patient care.  Our patients develop a unique relationship with Laura because she is so energetic, down to earth and full of life.

Sakina Zorayq

Registered Medical Assistant, Registered Phlebotomist

Sakina is from Puerto Rican and Moroccan descent.  She is fully bilingual.  She has been with Soleil Surgical since it's inception, at the time she was finishing her MA internship.  She worked tirelessly in our office and we fell in love with her.  She also has studies in computer design.  She is the artist of our group.  We are very happy to have her and see her grow into a great asset to our patients.

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